The Prayer of a Struggling Mom

 Oh, Dear Lord – My sweet Savior,

I’m so tired and weary. I have no idea how I will even get through this day. The depth of my exhaustion is wordless. You know my heart and how desperately I want to honor you and follow you and work for you. But Lord, I feel like I haven’t slept in days.

Lord, please revive my weary spirit. Speak truth to my heart. Clear my head of wrong thinking, untruth, and distractions. Help me to seek you and you alone. Give me patience for my sweet children when they are everything but sweet. Keep me far from evil and the ugly thoughts and strategies of the enemy. Help me be kind when I am frustrated. Forgive my many sins, and give me a heart like yours. Change me, Lord, like you alone can do.

You are good and perfect and holy, and I am none of those things. Lord, wipe away all the ugliness, and give me a clean heart. Give me the energy I need for this day, and blind my eyes to the work that is not really necessary and important. Give me time and a desire to study your word. Give me a peaceful mind for the week ahead. Refuel me and prepare me because you know what’s ahead. Give me the self-discipline you know I lack. Help me see your vision for my family. Give us peace, Lord, and restore our health. I give all of this to you, Lord. Help me stand on your truth and promises.

May all who read this be blessed and strengthened. Speak to each of their hearts and draw them near to you. Teach them tenderly, and give them rest.

I pray all of this in Jesus’ Name.  Amen

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