Movie Review- Freedom

We wrapped up our study of the Underground Railroad by watching the movie, Freedom(affiliate link).  It’s an excellent movie about everything from the lives of slaves and slave ships, to the Underground Railroad and the intense struggles of escapees.

Freedom is a newer movie so it’s really well done. Although it’s rated “R” there wasn’t much at all that was offensive aside from the topic in general. Things that might upset more sensitive children are scenes about a slave being whipped, a slave that was lynched, and some violence in general.

If you’ve studied the Underground Railroad terms like “Conductor” and the “Fugitive Slave Act” are used and famous people like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass are mentioned. There was quiet a bit of singing that seemed authentic; however, it was so much that we began to feel that we were watching a musical.

Overall, we enjoyed the movie and felt it brought the historical time period to life.  This movie will definitely go in the lessons places for the next history go around.

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