Picture Study

All Charlotte Mason enrichment is fantastic, but picture study is probably my favorite.  It’s simple, quick, and meaningful and best of all my children can ALL participate.  

We use a variety of resources, but I think I enjoy printed pictures or books the most. It’s nice to be able to touch and look at an actual picture rather than one on a computer or tablet.  Plus, my children can revisit those books or prints often.  

Picture study has become an integral part of our Family Enrichment Loop.  It’s one of our subjects that never gets missed because it’s so easy to do.  

We usually study an artist that lived during the same time period that we are studying for history or a collection of artists and their art.  This series of books is excellent. 

I open it up and display the picture for my children and simply ask them to describe what they see, what they like or don’t like, and what’s interesting.  I share my thoughts as well.  These books have excellent selections, give background information about the art, biographical information about the artists and questions to ask your children.  There are usually about 12 pieces of artwork per book so one book will last at least a full term of 12 weeks.  

These are a few of the other books in the series.
Come Look With Me: Art in Early America
Come Look With Me: American Indian Art
Enjoying Art with Children (Come Look with Me)

If you prefer to study an individual artist these little books are great.

You can also find prints to display an artist’s work from Simply Charlotte Mason or coffee table books from the library.  If you need a free resource Ambleside Online is great, as well.

I hope your family finds Picture Study as enjoyable as mine does.  

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