Do your kids know our National Anthem?

As a Charlotte Mason-ish homeschooler, hymn study is important to me.  I want my kids to be familiar with famous old hymns.  Interestingly, as we watched the Olympics over the past couple of weeks I noticed that not all of my children know our National Anthem.  Do your kids know it?  Do they know the story behind it?  Did you know it was originally a poem?

Here’s the story.  It’s an interesting one.

And here’s a video to learn the Star Spangled Banner.

The actual poem is quite lengthy?  See for yourself.

I encourage you to incorporate learning the National Anthem into your homeschool this year.  This is the book we are using for hymn study (it’s an affiliate link). We’ll use this book for at least the first term or so. It’s delightful. It has a CD with the twelve hymns taught in the book, a couple of stories for each hymn, and the sheet music with lyrics.

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